Electronics are essential and critical for boat functionality, safety and navigation. Electronics include depth, speed and wind sensors, collision avoidance systems, communications, auto-pilot and navigation. Even battery monitoring and management systems, inverters, and solar and wind generators play critical supporting roles in a vessel’s electronics strategy. Not only does each system need to function properly, but in modern design, they need to function in concert with each other.

For a fraction of an investment ten years ago, owners can have wideband, digital color radar images where vessel targets are synchronized with information-rich AIS icons overlayed onto 3D navigation cartography including pull-down menus which provide helpful ancillary information such as marina, fuel and pump-out resources. Drawing from decades of high-tech industry experience, we’re uniquely qualified to:

  • Examine individual components to evaluate their performance and contribution to the overall systems plan
  • Exercise and test systems to ensure they are functioning optimally to support the entire vessel. These systems include, but are not limited to: Mechanical, Electrical, Navigation and Safety.