Shipshape and Bristol Fashion...
From Stem to Stern

At Back to Bristol, we provide the yacht services you need and desire….on time and within your budget. We provide many services directly. For more unique projects, we draw upon our relationships with best-in-class service providers and specialty craftsmen whom we work closely with, continually guiding the process and ensuring the optimum final result.

Following are the services we offer:

Vessel Commissioning

Get Ready. Get Set. Go...

Upon purchase of a new or previously-owned vessel, there are a number of must-haves in terms of documentation (i.e. title, license, insurance, vessel documentation) and safety (i.e. life vests, fire extinguishers etc.). We can help you identify the requisite items as well as procure, display, and store them properly on board.

In addition to the must-haves, there are usually numerous other ‘nice-to-have’ items and we can help you with these as well. From galley items to BBQs to deck chairs and more, we can help you get your yacht ready for smooth sailing and cruising.


A Little Now --- Less Later On...

Preventative maintenance is the key to successfully maintaining a yacht.

There are recommended frequencies for many preventative services such as bottom cleaning, bottom painting, washing/waxing, engine tune-ups, safety checks, etc. to ensure a yacht stays in top condition. Regularly monitoring fluids (and replacing them as required) is also critical to yacht function and safety.

Some yacht owners enjoy hands-on and may only want assistance with certain activities. At Back to Bristol we know that every yacht owner is different and we are flexible in our approach. Together, we will create a checklist, discuss your preferences and agree upon the frequency to perform the recommended activities, identifying which items you would like to handle, if any, and which ones you would like for us to manage and coordinate.

Even with the best preventative care regimen, corrective maintenance is sometimes required. When something fails, it’s important to know who you can trust to perform the maintenance and do what is required. We perform many corrective maintenance services; others, we delegate to our trusted vendor/partners. In either case, we are actively involved throughout the process whether it is hands-on or managing the process to successful completion.

We perform preventative and corrective maintenance on the following:

  • Cooling systems
  • Lubrication systems
  • Fuel management systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Steering
  • Trim tabs
  • Stabilizers
  • Bright work
  • Hull and topside surfaces
  • Safety equipment
  • Ancillary
  • Dingy davits
  • Thrusters
  • Bait tanks
  • Refrigeration


Cosmetic Enhancements

Isn’t She a Beauty?!

As with a home, most new owners want to customize their new purchase to better fit their needs and lifestyle and make it their own. From new canvas, to carpeting, to wood and stone finishes, to upholstery and lighting, Back to Bristol can assist you with these design projects. We will engage and manage the appropriate vendors and artisans to ensure the project is completed successfully and within your time and budget specifications.

Examples include:

  • Galley upgrades – appliances, cabinetry, countertop
  • Head upgrades – flooring, shower and head, countertops, hardware
  • Soft goods --- upholstery, carpeting, canvas
  • Wood treatments – inside and out; new and refinishing
  • Customizing spaces --- unique designs to accommodate needs/desires


    Cruise Preparation and Concierge Services

    Anchors Aweigh!

    Cruising local waters, the coast or farther demands preparation. Spares, tools, ship’s stores, first-aid, watch schedules and route planning are just a few of the preparatory line items on a prudent skipper’s to-do list. Back to Bristol is a firm rich in organization and detail skills. With our attention to detail and knowledge, we ensure our clients have safe and enjoyable journeys.
    Many yacht owners enjoy boarding their vessel with their guests and knowing everything is ready and in place to begin their voyage---no need to check anything, just board and go.

    We are happy to provide the following services so that you can do just that:

  • Wash
  • Fill fuel tank(s)
  • Pump holding tank(s)
  • Fill water tank(s)
  • Provision



Electronics are essential and critical for boat functionality, safety and navigation. Electronics include depth, speed and wind sensors, collision avoidance systems, communications, auto-pilot and navigation. Even battery monitoring and management systems, inverters, and solar and wind generators play critical supporting roles in a vessel’s electronics strategy. Not only does each system need to function properly, but in modern design, they need to function in concert with each other.

For a fraction of an investment ten years ago, owners can have wideband, digital color radar images where vessel targets are synchronized with information-rich AIS icons overlayed onto 3D navigation cartography including pull-down menus which provide helpful ancillary information such as marina, fuel and pump-out resources. Drawing from decades of high-tech industry experience, we’re uniquely qualified to:

  • Examine individual components to evaluate their performance and contribution to the overall systems plan
  • Exercise and test systems to ensure they are functioning optimally to support the entire vessel. These systems include, but are not limited to: Mechanical, Electrical, Navigation and Safety.


    Captain Facilitation

    Charting Your Course...

    For yacht owners who prefer to engage a captain for their yacht as well as for yacht brokers who have a need for a captain from time to time, Back to Bristol will be happy to provide captain services. Bob Allen is a skilled captain and has extensive experience with captaining sailboats as well as motor yachts up to 60 ft. For larger yachts, we will locate a captain who can meet your needs.